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1. Time your Ninja Course

Every park that uses Gymeyes Ninja has a 10” iPad Pro installed. Start your time with the tap of a button.

2. Fill in your name

We ask your name to highlight this on the tv screen at the Ninja course.

3. Pick your course

There's no need to buy multiple systems if you have multiple courses. Just pick one in the tablet and get ready.

4. Finish & Review your score

Hit the button as fast as possible! Compare your time with your friends and the high scores.

Compare high scores

See the fastest runs and those of your friends.

Self-updating system

New features are updated automatically.

High-quality materials

A high-quality button designed for intense usage.

Within 24 hours

Receive pricings and get started

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Gymeyes video

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Marketing Tool

Your visitors will generate 100.000's social media views.

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1. We install the action cameras & iPad

Together we will pick a spot where users can film their jumps, such as a foam pit, big airbag or tumbling lane.

Recording app view
iPad view Gymeyes

2. Visitors film their jumps!

Press start and your jump is recorded from different angles, the video is then immediately shown on the iPad.

2. Visitors film their jumps!

Press start and your jump is recorded from different angles, the video is then immediately shown on the iPad.

3. Users proudly share their video on social media.

Many videos will be shared on social media and every video has your logo included!


Perfect marketing

Users collectively share their videos on social media.

More visitors

More social media activity means more visitors.


Differentiate your club from the competition.

Business model

Generate more revenue with a business model.

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How it works

1. Start filming through the iPad in the trampoline park

Every trampoline park that works with us has an iPad in the park. Start your recording with the click of a button.

Gymeyes home screen
Gymeyes home screen
Recording app view

Your tricks are recorded from multiple angles. Stop your recording once your finished.

Recording app view

3. Watch your video instantly

Review your jump, draw lines, watch it in slow-motion and find improvements by looking at your trick from multiple angles.

iPad view Gymeyes
iPad view Gymeyes
Gymeyes on all devices

Once you’ve saved your video, it is uploaded in the cloud. You can watch it later on all devices.

Gymeyes on all devices

5. Share it on social media

Share your video on social media or WhatsApp and tag the club you recorded your video at.



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Gymeyes camera and tablet

Gymeyes video

Record and share jumps to boost your online marketing

Users record their jumps through our video system with the tap of a button. Thousands of videos are recorded and shared every day. Get ready to boost your online marketing.

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Gymeyes Ninja

Time your ninja course

Make your ninja course interactive and competitive. Users fill in their names, start their run and hit the button when finished!

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Gymeyes iPhone app

View and share videos via our app or on the web

All videos can be viewed and shared via our app or on the web. Download the videos to your photo album or share directly to Instagram.

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