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We are a startup based in Amsterdam. Gymeyes was founded in 2016 by Mitchell Warmerdam. “During my training I was often in doubt whether my form was correct, just like millions of other people on this planet. Professional athletes improve their training by using video analysis. These technologies are extremely expensive and not accessible to me. This is how I invented Gymeyes. A simple way to analyse your workout through the use of multiple action cameras”

Video recording your training is extremely important when you want to make improvements. We believe that everybody inside the gym should be able to train like a professional athlete and improve through video technology.

We’re on a mission to motivate, educate and activate people from all over the world to improve their training through the use of video technologie.

We foresee a future in which technology plays a crucial role in the life of the everyday athlete. In these technologies, there will be a focus on automation and personalization. Our vision is to make innovative technologies accessible to everyone on an international scale. We’re aware that training is just one aspect of a healthy life. However, we decide to excel in one aspect: movements. All the technological solutions we’re building are focussed at improving movements.