Lead iOS Developer

Your mission

Are you an iOS app developer? Entrepreneurial? And would you like to work in a fitness startup in the city center of Amsterdam. Then we've found a match!

It will be your mission to develop the Gymeyes app in collaboration with our technology partner: Triple. You will oversee the development process and improve our app and also transform it into an iPad app. You have the freedom to make your technology decisions. The iOS app is created in Swift and C#, next to that we are using several external API's.

API Action Cameras
Your skills

We expect you to have experience in building apps for iOS. You know how to develop apps from A-Z. Your code is great and efficient. Furthermore, you like to work in a dynamic environment and have the ambition to grow Gymeyes into a global fitness brand.

We are a startup and are very flexible in terms of working hours/situation. Together we will define your salary and stock-option plan. You will have a big impact on the business and therefore you'll be rewarded with equity.

If you are still enthusiastic after reading this offer, please email us via the link below. Don't hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.


Gymeyes is the first app to video record your workout in the gym. We’re a bunch of gym enthusiasts working on next-level **** to change the way you track your exercises. Also, we are a startup, which means that there is a lot to do with only a small number of people.

If you think you’re up for the challenge and you want to become a part of our vision, sign up! We’d love to meet you.


Check out all the benefits of working at Gymeyes, you're in good hands ;)

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