How it works

Is your trampoline park working with Gymeyes?
Record your tricks via multiple action cameras!

Gymeyes camera

1. Start your recording

Start your recording with the click of one button, on the iPad inside the club.

2. Watch & Save

Finish your recording and save it via your e-mail or phone number.

3. Share it on social media

Share your video on Instagram or WhatsApp and tag your club.


Are you the proud owner of a trampoline park?
See how we can impact your club.

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Film via the action cameras in the club

We offer Gymeyes to the best trampoline parks and gyms. We install action cameras so you can film your tricks through the push of a button on the iPad.

Watch your videos on your phone, tablet or laptop

When you have made a video in your club, you can save it by filling in your e-mail address or phone number. Thereafter you can watch it on any device.

The trainers in your gym will monitor your progression, help you improve your training and prevent injuries through video analysis.



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